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Coming Events!

Spring is here, and with it come a few Palo Verde family traditions as we "rejoice with those who rejoice" and seek to encourage each other in our walk with God.  In the next couple of months, we look forward to:

April 14th  LTC SUNDAY  Many of our younger members have been working since January with the Leadership Training for Christ program in preparation for the annual Southwest Region convention, where congregations from all over this part of the U.S. join together at Tucson's own JW Marriott Starr Pass on Easter weekend to share Christ-centered activities. These activities invite children and teens in grades 3-12 to explore ways of using their talents and interests to serve the Lord.  Some of these include song leading, a capella group singing, art, drama, sign language interpretation, Bible reading, creative writing, public speaking, and puppetry.  On LTC Sunday, Palo Verde LTC particpants present their work to the congregation.  This will happen in the Hilton worship center after our worship service.  Please plan to join us and see our Lord glorified!

April 21st  EASTER  We will offer three options for worship together on Easter Sunday:

  • Join with the LTC convention group at Starr Pass for worship at 8:00am

  • Meet at the Hilton, in our children's classroom area, for worship at 9:30am.

  • Worship in the home of David and Joni Crawford (520-237-0620) or Don and Peggy Huffman (520) 747-0095

MAY 19th SENIOR BLESSING  Graduating high school is a major accomplishment as well as a transition in a person's life; it is the launching point for decisions that will have lifetime effects.  This can also be a time when young adult Christians confirm their personal commitment to following Jesus -- making decisions as adults, participating because they choose to, not just as their parents' children.

This year we will honor three graduates:  Annie, Ethan, and Brandon.  On May 19th, after worship, we will have a slideshow celebrating our seniors' past, a gift for each from the congregation, and a prayer together thanking God for his presence in their lives and asking his guidance on their lives ahead.  A reception in the classroom area will follow. 

We hope you will join us on each of these occasions, and every Sunday as we worship together.

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