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Palo Verde on the Move!



God’s hand has been amazing to see in the past several months, as he has led our family through the transition of selling our old building and moving out, on faith, into a new temporary meeting facility at the nearby Hilton East hotel.  The first month at our new location is almost complete.


In this transitional phase, we are able to do some things in familiar ways, and try new ways to do other things.  For example, our ladies' class is meeting at our new facility, but we are expanding the in-home small group model for Wednesday night Bible study.  It is great to be able to practice hospitality! Our Leadership Training for Christ students are practicing their puppets, chorus and other group activities in homes as well, and even our monthly "Jam Session" meal preparation ministry is happening in homes.  God is blessing our time together.


Our new worship center encourages sitting closer together, so the singing has been wonderful. We have been blessed with many visitors lately, and pray that God will continue to guide our family as we seek to be his hands and feet in Tucson.


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