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Palo Verde joins with the Tucson area churches of Christ in supporting the A4C mission on the University of Arizona campus. This is a very fertile ground with over 37,000 students from all across the US and from every walk of life.


Spiritual Growth

We believe that Christ is the head of the church, and we are dedicated to serving him through many means found within scripture. Our Relationships are forged through the bond of the blood of Christ, and we seek to build them up whenever and however possible, because it is what Jesus wants us to do as His body.  We believe Jesus when he said he wants the whole world to know him, so we are an Outreach focused group. None of us ever fully "arrives," as a follower of Christ, so we focus on Spiritual Growth. Jesus was the servant of servants, so we strive to follow his lead in Service.

Wednesday Night Praise is A4C's weekly praise session on campus. We are a registered student organization on the U of A campus so we have the benefit of advertising and meeting on campus free of charge. We take advantage of this opportunity to meet where we can easily be found by students seeking a group from August through May (during U of A's school year) and meet in a room on campus each Wednesday night. We also offer weekly small groups to get involved in, for which leadership training is available. A4C welcomes and encourages involvement of both undergraduate and graduate students.

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