One of the things that you will notice right off is that we love to sing! We take our singing seriously. It is a very special and important part of our worship. You may notice that we do all of the singing ourselves. We come together to worship together. There is nothing more "together" than everybody singing together. 

Too often we focus on our differences. For some reason this seems to be doubly true when it comes to singing. We believe that our voices are a gift from God and that is what we offer to Him in our songs. There is no piano or organ or band; just our voices. It is our choice to sing this way. It is pure and it is simple and we believe it to be beautiful because it is a creation of God. 

What? You say you can't sing? You have a poor singing voice? You don't know the songs? Please don't let those excuses keep you from joining the family in song. The words to the songs will be displayed on the screen at the front and if you prefer having the words closer to you they are in the song books where you sit. 

God hears all voices as beautiful; even yours!

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