Leadership Traning for Christ

Ministry Leaders:  Sherry Evans & Elizabeth Beaulieu


The Leadership Training For Christ (LTC) program offers a variety of activities for 3rd through 12th graders. Below is a list of events offered by LTC.

For more information please visit the official LTC web site.


Bible Bowl: To challenge students to achieve an in-depth knowledge of God’s word. This year all questions will be taken from the book of Revelation.

Bible Reading: Motivate young people to develop their skills through the oral reading of Scriptures.

Bulletin Board: Help young people develop the ability to use creative ideas and techniques to communicate a Biblical thought or theme.

Chorus: Present a cappella music in a choral setting in order to encourage believers and to praise God.

Christian Art: Encourages communication of the participant’s faith and beliefs through the artistic medium of sculpturing, photography, painting, drawing, etc.

Live Modern Drama: Encourage students to dramatize modern-day life applications to Christian truths. Through drama, youth see the issues they confront acted out, becoming more receptive to hearing what God has to say.

Puppets: Encourages the presentation of Biblical stories and principles through the use of puppets.

Scrapbook: Allows students to create a pictorial and written album of leadership development and related activities within our congregation.

Signing & Interpreting for the Deaf: Encourages students to develop the skill of signing so that they can communicate and develop relationships with the hearing impaired.

Song Leading: Encourages the development of song leading skills in both young men and women.

Speech: Provides an opportunity for young people to develop their verbal communication talents by observing and sharing their public speaking skills.

Bible Class Teaching: Encourages young people to develop creative teaching skills. (This involves planning and teaching a single lesson.)

Christian Essay: Challenges individuals to use the written word to communicate God’s message.

Christian Fiction: Encourages those who enjoy creative writing to use their skill in a Christian arena.

Christian Poetry: Develops the ability to express spiritual feelings and thoughts in the form of rhyme and verse.

Radio Minute Message: The participant is to design and present a radio spot on audio cassette which would reach out to the community and encourage them with the message of God.

Scripture Challenge: Promotes the habit of memorizing at least 100 verses during the year. It promotes the use of quoted scriptures in lessons and conversations.

Service Challenge: Encourages students to make Christian service an integral part of their lifestyle. The student has many, many different projects from which to choose.

Video Bible Drama: In this videotaped event student actors/actresses dress in appropriate costumes to dramatize a Bible story that illustrates the current LTC theme.

Video Speech: In this videotaped event participants have the opportunity to develop their skills in verbal presentation by delivering a speech centered on the current LTC theme.

LTC Adult Coordinator / Teen Coordinator Interest Form (PDF)


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