Palo Verde Church of Christ

This monthly benevolent outreach allows members to prepare and distribute lunches to Tucson’s homeless.


On the second Saturday of every month we deliver 150-200 bagged lunches to the Casa Maria soup kitchen in downtown Tucson.  These lunches are distributed to our homeless neighbors.  Each Friday morning before this date is a flurry of activity as a group of mostly retired members gather in homes to assemble these lunches.  We call it the "Jam Session" because we use a lot of jam!  If you would like to join us, we would love to have you. Please check the calendar for the next date. Contact Jeanne Holt at 520-271-9045 to confirm our next Jam Session location.

We also have folks who pack lunches on their own to be delivered with the Jam Session bags.  If this is a more convenient way for you to participate, please contact Jeanne (same number) to coordinate delivery.  

Casa Maria requests that we pack the lunches with the following non-perishable contents:

  • Two wrapped sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly/jam is recommended, because it does not require refrigeration)
  • One piece of fruit, a fruit cup or applesauce
  • A wrapped dessert such as a cookie or snack cake
  • optional: chips or pretzels

A short note of encouragement is appreciated, such as "We pray that God will use this food to bless you today.  You are loved. -- Palo Verde Church of Christ"  

Place the food in a paper lunch sack and fold the top shut. Then place lunches in plastic grocery bags, five lunches per bag. If you choose to use lunch meat instead of peanut butter and jelly, please refrigerate your lunches over night and bring them in the morning.


  • Jeanne Holt & Keith Davey