Lunches for the Homeless

Ministry Leader: Jeanne Holt & Keith Davey


This monthly benevolent outreach allows members to prepare and distribute lunches to Tucson’s homeless.


On the second Saturday of every month we prepare and distribute lunches starting at 10 AM in the kitchen at the church building. Please check the calendar for the next date.
You may also bring your lunches to the church kitchen the night before if you would like, but please do not use the church refrigerators. Please pack the lunches with the following non-perishable contents:

  • Two sandwiches (Peanut butter and Jelly is recommended)
  • Chips or Pretzels
  • One piece of fruit
  • A dessert

Place the food in a brown paper sack and staple the top shut. Then place lunches in plastic grocery bags, six lunches per bag. If you choose to use lunch meat instead of peanut butter and Jelly, please refrigerate your lunches over night and bring them in the morning.


  • Jeanne Holt & Keith Davey
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