That the world will know we are disciples of Jesus and through us will come to know Him.


To realize this vision:

  • We strive to know Christ and be unified in a common faith centered on Him as our Lord and Savior.
  • We, as a family bonded to each other through a common faith, encourage openness in our struggles and faults while building committed relationships focused on spiritual healing and encouraging maturity in our relationship to God.
  • We seek, as God has loved us, to grow in love for each other and the lost, showing his grace and mercy in our compassion and forgiveness.
  • We are developing a heart for seeking and saving the lost through active service to our community.
  • We challenge and empower our members to develop and boldly use their talents and gifts in works of service and evangelism as we work cooperatively in the community to meet the physical and spiritual needs of people.



In a holy act of faith in, and gratitude to, God our Father for our salvation in Jesus Christ, and a sincere will to fully obey our Lord according to his Word as we are enabled by His Holy Spirit:

We covenant before God to love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in harmony with one another.

We covenant to pray for one another asking God to bless the personal life and family of each of our sisters and brothers at PaLO VErde Church of Christ and to empower the ministry of each individual.

We covenant to employ our energies, time, and resources to be effective witnesses of our Lord by encouraging and building up our sisters and brothers at PaLO VErde Church, thus building up the entire Body of Christ.

We covenant to honor the life and ministry of our fellow family members at PaLO VErde. Being filled with the Spirit of God’s love we will rejoice in what is good, honorable, and uplifting for all.

Together in Christ we will grow in effective service in God’s kingdom to reach all people for Jesus Christ our Lord.

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