Lifegroups are simply small groups of people that gather together outside a corporate church meeting. Lifegroups are the means through which we provide that family environment where ministry is taken to a relational level.

At Palo Verde, we have a free market model of lifegroup ministry. All this means is that our lifegroups are based around the idea of common interest. So, in other words, if you like to do something, just take it and do it with Palo Verde. If you like to grill steaks, join a backyard bar-b-que lifegroup. If you like to read and discuss Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, join a Bible study life group. If you like to be creative, join an arts and crafts lifegroup. If you like to pray, join a prayer lifegroup.

By creating lifegroups based off of common interest, we create an arena for relationship to form naturally. And these relationships then open the door to fellowship, discipleship, and even evangelism in ways that a weekend worship service simply can’t.

The free market approach to lifegroup ministry offers a variety of lifegroups for a variety of people that have a variety of interests. We’re sure to have one that fits you just right.